Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bush’s War (Part I)

“Frontline” has just scorched Bush for Iraq yet again in the bluntly-titled two-part program “Bush’s War.” Interviewed online yesterday at Washington, the show’s writer-producer-director Michael Kirk [pictured] provides insight into where he stands. Here’s one revealing online exchange:

"Dayton Ohio: It would have been nice to see some positive feedback on the reconstruction as well as what is happining with the troop surge. It is obvious we didn't have enough troops on the ground in the beginning, but what about now?
"Michael Kirk: Sadly, if you read the newspapers in the last two days--you learn that the 'surge' and the tenuous 'peace' between Sadr's militia and the American troops seems to have broken down. Efforts to keep the lid on in Iraq seem to be in jeopardy."

Further showing his bias, Kirk talks about “the so-called war on terror,” notes “our army is in pretty desperate shape--perhaps broken by the Iraq experience,” and in his “Frontline” show, fails to provide a photograph or even a mention of Petraeus, the general who has made obsolete Kirk’s dark vision of America in Iraq (Kirk villainizes all U.S. principals by portraying them in black and white extreme close-ups that clearly reveal all their warts).

For people like Kirk, the Iraq story has become the over-heated radiator you want to cap so you can close the hood and get back on the road to Democratic victory in 2008. Iraq helped defeat Republicans in 2006, after having provided Democrats much ammunition in 2004. Now it should be one of the three pillars, along with Katrina and the economy, to put a Democrat in the White House in 2008. Kirk certainly does everything he can to make Iraq come across as a continuing disaster.

But five years on, Iraq is no longer a disaster. Inconvenient.

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