Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You Saw It Here, First

1. Democrats Staunch the Flow

Just after I noted Democrats are narrowing the margin by which they trail Republicans in the generic ballot for Congress, AP/Ipsos published a poll that had Democrats moving ahead of Republicans, +3. The overall average is now Democrats, +0.3. In line with the polling, the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza points out Democrats are turning their small edge into victory after victory:
One of the most remarkable records in politics is the six special election winning streak that the House Democratic campaign arm has reeled off over the last two plus years. Rep.-elect Mark Critz's (D) surprisingly wide margin in the Pennsylvania 12th district special election last night is a testament to the fact that [Democrats know] how to win close races in tough districts.

2. In Blair’s Shadow: Tories and Lib Dems Join

I used my blog to link Tory 43 year-old David Cameron, Britain’s new prime minister, Lib Dem 43 year-old Nick Clegg, Cameron’s deputy, and John Kennedy, who was 43 when he began as president and changed American politics. Now John Burns, in the New York Times, has done the same, linking the three 43 year-olds together, while like me ignoring any parallels to Obama. Also like me, Burns credits Tony Blair’s “New Labour” initiative for being the father of Britain’s fresh politics, with Cameron and Clegg following Blair’s path.

Burns, however, missed that Blair was also 43 when he became prime minister

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