Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Tax Man Cometh

We earlier talked about Obama’s dependency Americans: people employed by the government or helped by the federal government to stay at home (30%), people outside the workforce or in part-time jobs (45%), people not paying federal income taxes (50%).

Now I’ve learned that House Budget chair Paul Ryan is concerned about “a moral tipping point” reached by Americans becoming increasingly dependent on government services and lulled into a life of complacency. According to Ryan, a remarkable 70% of Americans get more out of federal government services than they contribute in taxes.


Let’s be crystal clear about what’s coming, if we award Obama the freedom of a second term. He will raise taxes on all of us. He needs us, not just the rich, to pay for his big government. We should all pay. It’s the fair thing to do; it’s the moral thing.

It’s what they do in Northern Europe.

And don’t you see it coming to the U.S.?

All Obama has to do, once the election is over, to get the tax ball rolling is block any effort to prevent the Bush tax increases planned for January 1, 2013 from going into effect. Bingo. Veto. And all our taxes go up.

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