Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Establishment = Obama

"the grandees of the universities, the foundations, the arts, the unions, and the government employees are all heavily invested in Obama — the class warrior who assures those of the upper classes that class and racial resentment will be turned against others."

--Victor Davis Hanson, “PJ Media”

“Republicans often say 'Obama and Biden want to raise taxes by a trillion dollars.' Guess what? Yes, we do.”

--Joe Biden

“the most important lesson I’ve learned is that you can’t change Washington from the inside.”

--Barack Obama

We are blessed with the way Obama and Biden unintentionally speak the truth. Obama is Washington, is the Establishment, is big government, and this picture isn’t going to change from inside big government Washington with Obama at the helm. And as Biden honestly says, our big government needs more, ever more in taxes to keep going.

Here is the Merriam-Webster definition of:
es·tab·lish·ment   noun
an established order of society: as a group of social, economic, and political leaders who form a ruling class (as of a nation)
It’s a fact. We have an establishment, and it’s represented at the top by Obama. The establishment is our most important club. Our leading universities initiate pledges into the club, which has its founding chapter in New York City, and its largest, most active chapter in Washington.

Once in the establishment, it matters not what path members followed to arrive, their most important job becomes to retain membership status and to pass it on to their children. In pursuit of that objective, all is fair; the end justifies the means.

Let me be clear. The establishment not only professes in our democracy to rule on behalf of the people, members truly, deeply believe the people’s best interests are served by their continuous rule. Do not underestimate the ruling class's sincerity.

The establishment see themselves differently than outsiders see them. They lie with the greatest of fluency because they view themselves as acting on behalf of the oppressed. Or as Leon Trotsky wrote, "The ruling class forces its ends upon society and habituates it to considering all those means which contradict its ends as immoral. That is the chief function of official morality."

Life works like this. Your perspective changes when you are welcomed inside the establishment. Your number one goal, however, remains constant: preservation.

Our current establishment is centered on government. Hence Washington’s dominant role; hence the president’s leadership. As Karl Marx was at his most effective as an outsider analyzing capitalism, so too do free market conservatives do best today at analyzing big government’s failings.

Listen to conservative Michael Barone, writing in "RealClearPolitics", “Overall, Obama stands for maintaining and expanding the welfare state that operated tolerably well in the big [blue] America of half a century ago but is coming apart in our early-stage information society today.”

Barone tells us how the establishment protects its own at the expense of the masses:
just as housing policies created a housing bubble, college loan policies have created a higher education bubble. The flood of money has been captured by colleges and universities through above-inflation tuition increases and administrative bloat. The Obama administration does not crack down on them, however, but on graduates or dropouts with thousands in college loan debt that they can't escape through bankruptcy.
Obama's policies, from Obamacare to high-speed rail, treat people as identical cogs in a very large machine, part of a mindless mass that would not be able to get along without government guidance. In the information age, these industrial age policies have prevented the vibrant economic growth which gives young people the opportunity to find work and community service that maximizes their own special talents and interests -- to shape their own world and choose their own future.
We have talked at length about the amazing phenomenon of national wealth collecting in the Washington metro area. The phenomenon underlines the fact that big government increasingly dominates our lives, and to our national detriment.

Or so says conservative Steve Huntley of the Chicago Sun-Times:
Household incomes rose in most counties around Washington last year, even as they continued to sink around the country . . .Yes, the system is rigged under Obama, rigged to favor the growth of the federal government — its bureaucrats and the lobbyists, lawyers and special-interest groups that feed off taxpayers — at the expense of reviving the private economy where taxpayers live. Perhaps nothing summarizes Obama’s failures better than this picture of government affluence funded on the backs of the middle class.

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