Thursday, January 31, 2013

Media bias: it’s like death and taxes.

Liberal media bias seems a permanent fixture of the American landscape. It was on open display Sunday, when “60 Minutes” served up a series of powder-puff questions to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton,  the Benghazi debacle’s two most responsible leaders, while ignoring the super-obvious “What happened?”

Conservatives are outraged, and even some liberals (e.g., the “Daily Beast’s” Kirsten Powers) as well.

Here’s the conservative “Big Journalism’s” John Nolte:
CBS News's Steve Kroft, Obama's go-to guy, . . . had all kinds of time with both Hillary and Obama Sunday night. But instead of  being a journalist, Kroft chose to be Oprah. This wasn't an interview, it was a thirty-minute "Hillary 2016" commercial. . . once upon a time no journalist would go this far to flak for any Democrat. [But i]n our [current] media environment -- where the media sees Obama as a WMD against the GOP and traditional American culture, the message has been sent that nothing should be done that might damage the president politically.
Nolte says, “once upon a time.” Actually, "once upon a time" was 17+ years ago, before December 1995 when Newt Gingrich attempted to shut down the federal government. At that point, the media dropped their adversarial role, decided they had to come to Bill Clinton’s rescue, so dove into the tank with brother Bubba. The media subsequently stuck by him through the 1998-99 Monica Lewinsky scandal and have never looked back since.

We earlier quoted the conservative Weekly Standard’s Jay Cost's summary of how the legacy media works today:
The modern press is at times sycophantic of the incumbent president and at other times trying to mimic Woodward and Bernstein; it all depends on which party is in office. With a Democratic president cut from the same cloth as they, many journalists have done everything in their power to set the national conversation in ways that favor Obama.

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