Sunday, March 30, 2014

How Democrats Plan to Hold the Senate

Brown (R)            Shaheen (D)
Here is “Politico’s” (James Hohmann’s) tip-off on how Democrats will defend in 2014 their vulnerable Senate seats (in this case, New Hampshire):
Jeanne Shaheen starts with a double-digit lead in recent polls and a $3.4 million war chest. . . she’s seeking to portray herself as independent from Obama; playing up her historic achievements as a woman; and, certainly not least, preparing to rip [Republican Scott] Brown to shreds. [emphasis added]
It’s the 2012 Democratic playbook “to a T”: suck up the available money, rally the base (in this case, unmarried women), and best of all, “rip (the opponent) to shreds.” But there’s a new twist for 2014--separate the Democrat from Obama and Obamacare.

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