Monday, October 27, 2014

Obamatime: List of Federal Government Missteps & Failures

the party of government is presiding over a time of government failure and malpractice.

--Matthew Continetti, Washington Free Beacon  

under Obama an ever-expanding federal government has become the essential raison d’ĂȘtre for the party. . . in the future Obama [will] be remembered simply for being the nation’s “first black president.”

--Joel Kotkin, Orange County Register

It’s way beyond time to record the almost-continuous record of federal government screw-ups under the current administration, which loves Big Government (self-love):

  1. The Stimulus (failure of “shovel ready”); Department of Transportation (2009) 
  2. Foreign policy SNAFUs (Russian “reset,” abandoning Iraq, pull-out “date certain” in Afghanistan, chemical weapons “red line” in Syria, ISIS “JV terrorists,” Ukraine inaction, Iran gets bomb?); White House, National Security Council, Department of State (2009- ) 
  3. Alternative Energy (Solyndra bankruptcy); Department of Energy (2011) 
  4. “Fast and Furious” (gun walking); Department of Justice (2010-12) 
  5. IRS (targeting conservatives); Department of Treasury (2010- ) 
  6. $823,000 Las Vegas party; General Services Administration (2012) 
  7. Benghazi (“spontaneous protest/anti-Muslim video”); Department of State (2012) 
  8. Cartagena prostitutes; U.S. Secret Service (2013) 
  9. Monitoring AP and Fox’s James Rosen’s phones; Department of Justice (2013) 
  10. Monitoring our emails; National Security Administration (2013) 
  11. Obamacare (rollout and “keep your doctor, keep your plan”); Health and Human Services (2013- ) 
  12. Wait-list deaths; Veterans Administration (2014) 
  13. Children crossing open borders; Department of Homeland Security (2014) 
  14. Ebola outbreak chances “extremely low”; Centers for Disease Control (2014) 
  15. Help! There’s a man in the (White) House!; U.S. Secret Service (2014) 
  16. Cartagena prostitute; White House (2014) 
This incomplete list involves messups at 14 different departments or agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control, called by the New York Times’ liberal reporter Joe Nocera “the most trusted agency in the federal government,” and the U.S. Secret Service, two previously unsullied parts of a long-compromised federal behemoth.

When will we realize government’s just too big, too far beyond the people’s control? For insight into a related story--why and how the media protects Big Government--see former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s new book, Stonewalled.

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