Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Race in America Today

Look at this graph (above). By 2044, whites will be a minority of the U.S. population. This demographic fact drives Democratic thinking; Democrats, the party of minorities, are destined to rule the nation, with a combination of white liberals, white unmarried women, and white youth plus minorities, and will do so starting now, not in 2044.

But it’s 2014, not 2044. And now enough whites are alienated from the party of Barack Obama that demographic realities are worrying Democrats as well as Republicans. The national scene may resemble California politics in the 1980s to mid-90s, when whites, fearful of that state’s rising Hispanic tide, elected Republican governors for 16 consecutive years.

Of course, both parties know that as its minority population became the majority, California then turned sharply against Republicans, where it remains today.

Obama and black Attorney General Eric Holder’s determined effort to rally blacks against Republicans, using such issues as the security guard and police killings of Trayvon Martin (2012), Michael Brown, and Eric Garner even though no evidence emerged that any of the three deaths were race-based, is generating a measurable backlash among whites.

The latest Fox News poll found that when asked:
"Do you agree or disagree with the decision of the grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri, not to seek criminal charges against a white police officer in the August shooting death of a black teenager [Brown]?"
55% agreed, only 33% disagreed, and 12% had no opinion. Among whites 65% agreed, while just 12% of blacks think the Ferguson grand jury did the right thing. Yet when asked,
"Do you agree or disagree with the decision of a grand jury in New York not to seek criminal charges against a white police officer in the July choke hold death of a black man [Garner]?"
Just 27% of Americans agreed while 57% disagreed, and 17% didn’t know. So non-blacks readily distinguish between the deaths of Brown, who reached for a policeman’s gun, and Garner, who yelled for mercy. People able to make such distinctions don’t like being called “racist.”

So it’s no surprise that when asked:
"Since Barack Obama became president, do you think relations between the races in the USA have gotten better or worse?"
only 19% said “better,” while 62% said “worse.”

Why is Obama, in seeking to draw blacks behind him, now alienating most whites with false racist charges? To me, it’s because black leaders and liberals cannot accept the failure of their 50-year-old effort to engineer some form of economic equality. They cannot accept that government programs have left a black underclass in place. And they really can’t handle how well other minorities are doing. So they focus relentlessly on white man sins, fighting to retain a broad coalition of minorities fixed on white wrongs.

Obama’s Hawaii background contributes to the current reality. He knows different cultures have different rates of success, with Asians out-performing whites, and whites out-performing blacks. From early in life, he has appreciated the value of blurring nonwhite racial differences based on culture into a cartoonish minority v. white, Third World v. First World battle with the prize awarded being preferences for minorities, whether or not groups and individuals need the help.

Blacks finish last, this blog believes, because of family breakdown, not lack of government assistance. Blacks trail because of culture. Too many single women struggling to raise children fathered by different unemployed men, none present. We have absent fathers, failure to postpone gratification, moral breakdown, lack of real education, male crime the most promising path to economic advancement. Can’t solve the problem? Blame whitey. Demonstrate. Break store windows. Fix on the narrative, not the truth.

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