Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hillary, Electing a President We Trust to be Bad

From Tom Bevan, the conservative boss of “RealClearPolitics”:
A Quinnipiac poll showed Hillary Clinton running a substantial deficit [on] honest[y] and trustworth[iness]. Only 39% of voters said yes, while 53% said no. Among the crucial voting bloc of Independents, the gap expands to 31% yes and 61% no. . . [emphasis added] Yet the same poll showed Clinton leading all of her potential Republican rivals in head-to-head general election match-ups. So [polls] support Democrats’ contention that the relentless stream of unseemly stories about the Clinton Foundation is merely “a distraction” that is unimportant to voters.
Puzzled conservatives are beginning to explain how we could elect as president an unambiguously corrupt person. Here’s the view of Heather Wilhelm on why Hillary moves smoothly from scandal to scandal:
very few Hillary fans are Hillary fans because they see her, first and foremost, as “uncorrupted.” The issue of corruption, in fact, is barely a blip on their radar screens. Many hard-core Clintonites are just fine with growing, interconnected, technocratic, managerial government and the quiet crony capitalism that naturally accompanies it. Clinton’s campaign, being a business of sorts, knows and understands this, embracing its candidate’s core competency and ultimate projected image: the “connected,” well-known grandmother queen who “knows the ropes” and can help us all.
and can help us all.” Wilhelm has “got it.”

We are a divided nation between those who see government as a force for good, and those who believe government is the problem. Those closet to government know how corrupt and inefficient it is. It’s good and bad, but overall, it’s working for “me.” It draws taxes from those who can afford to pay, and it pays salaries or awards contracts to millions who in their own small to big ways, work angles to hold onto and expand what they have. It works because it pays off outsiders at the top who have accommodated to the system, and it helps millions below -- the victims of life -- who see government in terms of benefits received, and in return provide Democrats the votes that keep the government party in power.

The government base needs a leader who will preserve -- at any cost -- a system that works, in some fashion, in its corrupt way to be sure, for them. Right now, that person is HIllary.

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