Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Iran Appeasement: Method Behind Madness?

Both the non-aligned movement -- founded by Yugoslavia’s Tito, India’s Nehru, Indonesia’s Sukarno, Egypt’s Nasser, and Ghana’s Nkrumah -- and Barack Obama were born in 1961.
Barack Obama is successfully destroying traditional U.S. foreign policy. We used to lead the world’s most powerful alliance. Now, Obama has moved us toward a new home in the Third World, nations that grew together in the anti-colonial, anti-white man non-aligned movement that currently controls the U.N. General Assembly.

To over simplify, the Democratic Party is a coalition of government masters and workers, affiliated media, non-profits, crony capitalists, unmarried women, and minorities united against the capitalist white males who project the Republicans’ public image. Isn’t the GOP the party of imperialism, of corrupt, right-wing authoritarian regimes, of military spending over social welfare, of wasteful wars abroad? So why not ground Obama’s “transformative” foreign policy in the nonaligned movement’s traditional anti-colonial roots? Goodbye England, Germany, Israel. Hello Iran, Cuba, and non-aligned movement friend the Soviet Union Russia.

In April we wrote:
Obama has a consistent world view. Growing up as a minority half-black in Hawaii and Indonesia, Obama took comfort in the anti-colonial, anti-European wave of nationalism that swept through the mostly non-white world at the time. He rode that affirmative action tide through Columbia and Harvard Law to safe landing with his impressive black wife in mostly black South Side Chicago. Race remained his co-pilot as he rose through the Illinois State Senate and the U.S. Senate to the White House.
Don’t tell Obama the numbers are against him; he knows better. Israel is the past, much as Great Britain, Western Europe, and the Republican Party are the past. Time to align with a future that includes Iran, Obama’s own “Nixon goes to China” place in history.
The Iran deal makes no sense otherwise. Iran is militant, revolutionary, supporting anti-West, anti-Israel forces in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Lebanon (Israel’s enemy Hezbollah), the West Bank and Gaza (Israel’s enemy Hamas).  Iran's leaders have just won a big victory! Free to advance its nuclear and missile programs, Iran will threaten all its Sunni Arab neighbors and any Western country where terrorists with nuclear weapons can destroy cities. What madness has descended upon us.

               Neville Chamberlain                               Barack Obama                         
In 1938, the world stood by as Britain and France at Munich signed away the independent nation of Czechoslovakia to Adolf Hitler. Chamberlain was a sincere man who knew, as did his French ally, how in the Western Front trenches, the Great War (1914-18) had destroyed a generation of youth to no apparent purpose. Chamberlain would not allow that to happen again. Vietnam was America’s mini-Great War, and Democrats including Obama are determined the U.S. will avoid any such future wars. Sincere, maybe. Misguided, clearly.

“Better red than dead.” Really?

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