Thursday, March 31, 2016

Shadowlands: America in 2016

It’s important to realize that Hillary Clinton won’t be indicted by Barack Obama’s Justice department before the election. We said so, and now so has Andrew C. McCarthy, former assistant attorney general for New York’s Southern District who has been closely following Clinton’s FBI problems.

If Clinton wins, her lies and corruption will go unpunished, having by then been ignored by the electorate that makes her president. Clinton wouldn’t win in any normal year. 2016 isn’t a normal year.

Kristen Powers is a Democrat but as a contributor to Fox News, well-informed on conservative thinking. Powers takes issue with Republicans who blame Trump’s rise on Obama. She instead scolds inside-the-beltway Republicans for failing to respond to lower and working class American grievances, even as these whites became the party’s natural constituency. While Powers is right about the GOP, Obama’s economic failures certainly helped plain-talking businessman Trump connect with suffering whites.

So what does America do now? If Republicans can’t stop Trump we get Clinton with her long, dark road of unchecked corruption.

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