Thursday, May 05, 2016

Trump the Underdog

Clinton progressives are delighted with Trump’s nomination. Clear-eyed conservative Ed Rogers, in the Washington Post, sums up why:
Trump’s . . . problem is obvious: He’s wildly unpopular. Specifically, he’s unpopular with two critical voter groups, women and Hispanics. He needs to earn support from these groups, but all the evidence suggests it will be very difficult for him to do so. Trump is the living manifestation of a chauvinistic, belittling attitude that repels many female voters. And, according to Gallup polling, 77% of Hispanics view Trump unfavorably, and it’s not hard to see why.
But . . . will it be as easy as the Democrats think to finish off Trump, and how much will he help through his own performance and behavior?
How much will Trump hurt himself? He’ll like that we’ll all be watching. And Trump is equally delighted with Clinton’s impending nomination.

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