Saturday, June 04, 2016

Democrats you told us, now listen: It’s the Economy Stupid!

Job growth has nearly stopped. For May, jobs grew by only 38,000, the lowest monthly increase since September 2010. From the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a graph of U.S. job growth sinking to May’s pitiful total (hit to enlarge):

Friday’s report additionally noted that nearly 95 million Americans over 16 are outside the workforce, a record high.

Also on Obama’s watch, the percentage of Americans below the poverty line has grown from 14.3% to 14.8% — up 3.5%. Real median household income sank from $54,925 to $53,657 — down 2.3%. Food Stamp participants soared from 32,889,000 to 45,874,000 — up 39.5%. From Obama’s arrival through the fourth quarter of 2015, the percentage of Americans who own homes sagged from 67.3% to 63.8% — down 5.2%.

And Gallup CEO Jim Clifton tells us:
For the first time in 35 years, American business deaths now outnumber business births. Business startups outpaced business failures by about 100,000 per year until 2008. But in the past six years, that number suddenly reversed, and the net number of US startups versus closures is -70,000.

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