Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Asian-Americans as #1

Embarrassing chart from Pew, via Chinese-American writer Helen Raleigh (hit to enlarge):
Raleigh makes it clear that Asians aren’t part of any grievance industry; they’ve pushed forward on their own, doing so through education, hard work, and intact families.

But note the Pew graphic’s title: no mention of the chart-topping Asians, an invisibility Asians covet. Seems Asians — who have overwhelmingly backed Obama and Democrats — are content to be grouped with a grievance industry silent on Asian success even as "grievance" benefits Asians.

That can’t last. In spite of Pew’s headline, Asian invisibility is disappearing. Asians are now suffering from the very affirmative action programs that have long plagued whites.

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