Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Clinton Post-Convention Bounce Disappears

In the closely-watched and trusted "RealClearPolitics" average of national polls -- 2-way between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and 4-way adding in Libertarian Gary Johnson and the Green Party's Jill Stein -- Clinton leads Trump by a combined average of 2.9%.

On July 18, before both parties' conventions, Clinton led Trump by a combined average of 3.2%.  Now for the first time, both post-convention "bounces" are gone, and the combined poll average difference between the two is down to the margin of error.

On August 8, after what the "Huffington Post" called Trump's "Worst Week Any Candidate's Ever Had," Clinton's lead over Trump in the "RealClearPolitics" combined averages was 7.8%.  "HuffPost" crowed, "Polls taken late this week show Democratic candidate Clinton leading Trump by double digits nationwide. The businessman is even behind in deep red states like Georgia."

"HuffPost" ended with "Only 12 more weeks to go..."  Well, 4 of those weeks are gone, and the race is  now "margin-of-error" tight.

Still 8 more weeks to go...  

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