Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hillary: A Crook Running the U.S.A.?

Edited from the words of Mike Goodwin, in the conservative New York Post:
Following Richard Nixon’s 1974 resignation over Watergate, President Gerald Ford declared, “My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.” The constitutional system prevailed because both parties confronted the crisis.
Republican Attorney General Elliot Richardson and his deputy, Republican William Ruckelshaus, resigned rather than follow Republican Nixon’s order to fire special prosecutor Archibald Cox. Nixon himself resigned when fellow Republicans signaled they were prepared to impeach and convict him.
That smooth transfer of power marked a ringing triumph of justice. The fundamental principle that nobody in America is above the law was upheld.
Now imagine another scenario. America wakes up on Nov. 9 to President-elect Hillary Clinton, and to the cold reality that the same principle of equal justice is null and void.
No rational observer could possibly think otherwise.

Here, from a Wall Street Journal editorial:
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a longtime friend of Hillary and Bill, steered money to the campaign of the wife of a top FBI official. Political organizations under McAuliffe’s control gave more than $675,000 to the 2015 Virginia state Senate campaign of Jill McCabe, the wife of FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe. Mr. McCabe, director James Comey’s right-hand man, helped oversee the probe into whether Clinton mishandled classified information on her server.
[Are] voters to believe that Mr. McCabe as the No. 3 official at the FBI had nothing to do with the biggest, most sensitive case at that agency[?] This strains credulity. Before he became No. 3 at the FBI Mr. McCabe ran the bureau’s Washington, D.C. field office that provided resources to the Clinton probe. Campaign-finance records show that 98% of the McAuliffe donations to Mrs. McCabe came after the FBI launched its Clinton probe. . . Comey, the self-styled Boy Scout, somehow didn’t think any of this would look suspicious?
And from Daniel J. Flynn, in the conservative American Spectator:
The loss of faith in [FBI Chief James Comey] stems in part from a dishonest rendering of the decision not to indict Mrs. Clinton as unanimous rather than unilateral and in part from the bureau’s decision to destroy evidence in the case and grant blanket immunity to Clinton underlings for no possible prosecutorial purpose.
“There is a consensus among the employees that the director has lost all credibility and that he cannot lead the bureau,” [former U.S. attorney Joseph] diGenova explains. “They are comparing him to L. Patrick Gray, the disgraced former FBI director who threw Watergate papers into the Potomac River.
“When the director said that it was a unanimous decision not to recommend prosecution, that was a lie,” diGenova points out. “In fact, the people involved in the case were outraged at his decision, which he made by himself.”
The Supreme Court's “Equal Justice Under Law?” Right.

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