Friday, May 31, 2013

It's a debt-free mothers' world.

We earlier talked about how hard it is to be male, and to be young. The evidence keeps piling up.

A new Pew Research Center study found that nearly 40% of mothers are now the family breadwinners. That’s mothers, not women in general. The share of married mothers who out-earn their husbands has leaped from 4% in 1960 to 15% in 2011. The share of single mothers who are sole providers for their families has jumped from 7% to 25% over the same period.

The study also reported that:

  • married mothers are better educated than their husbands: 61% of husbands and wives in dual-earner households have similar education levels, but 23% of the mothers are better educated than their spouses, compared with 16% of fathers. Women have been graduating from college in greater numbers than men since 1985, and in many fields now earn more advanced degrees. 
  • while in 1960, most single mothers were divorced, separated or widowed, with only 4 percent never married, by now it’s 44% never married, with 40% of all births to single mothers. 

Dick Morris, in The Hill, brings out the truth about why student loans so damage American youth. We know young people financing college with student loans struggle with the loans’ high interest rates. But why are the interest rates so high?

It turns out that student loan interest payments rate could drop from 6.8% to 5.3% if the funds weren’t diverted to healthcare reform and other federal programs. Student loan profits go $8.7 billion for ObamaCare, $10.3 billion to pay down the federal debt, and $36 billion to Pell Scholarship grants.

This means the 16 million Americans graduating with student loans face a government hitting up their limited incomes for payments to other federal programs, at the very time their own needs are the greatest.

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