Monday, June 03, 2013

Country Back to “Disapproving” Obama’s Job

Obama’s approval ratings are once again “upside down.” In the RealClearPolitics average of national polls, Obama is currently at 46.6% approval, 49.3% disapproval, for a net disapproval average of 2.7%. Obama’s numbers first went negative five days ago.  It is also significant that the two daily tracking polls--Gallup and Rasmussen--collectively for the first time today show their 3-day averages in negative territory.

In Obama’s first term, his numbers did not go “upside down” until 16 months after his election (v. 6 months this time).

With the exception of April Fool’s Day this year, Obama’s in negative territory for the first time since his September 6 acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention last year sent his approval rating “rightside up” for the next eight months, carrying him through the election, and to a post-election high of +12.4% (54.0% approval/41.6% disapproval) last December.

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