Saturday, February 07, 2015

Iran--be very worried (continued).

Anti-Americans in Iran
narcissism is a child like state in with they believe the objective world exists as an extension of the self. . . they seem to think the world revolves around them.

--John Dunbar, Nashua NH Psychology Major, from TED

Barack Obama is an emotional child, a narcissistic leader who “knows” his dominant place in the world and is remarkably impervious to any evidence to the contrary. Shaped by growing up in non-black Hawaii attending part-white Punahou School, he found his identity among “people of color” who realized the world beyond our shores was already theirs, and that soon enough minorities would, along with consciousness-raised females, come to control the Democratic Party and eventually America. The nation just awaited the right leader of color, one familiar with the ways of the white man, one who could exploit his superior knowledge and insight to conquer “the Man’s” world on behalf of not only America’s, but also the world’s, victims.

We argued early that Obama stood on the shoulders of America in order to reach the (non-white) world. Later, we said that “supporting Israel represents the last beachhead of the ‘dead white man’ foreign policy.” And we recognized that Iran-born Valerie Jarrett, the White House’s closest confidante to Michelle and Barack Obama, is a central figure pulling Obama toward Tehran.

These conclusions add important context to former State Department official Michael Doran’s remarkable essay titled “Obama’s Secret Iran Strategy,” which appears in the latest issue of Mosaic, a journal subtitled, “Advancing Jewish Thought.” Please read the essay in its entirety, if you are concerned about Iran's intentions.

Doran sticks closely to fact-based analysis, and his findings are all the more powerful for his having done so. But unfortunately, Doran will not burrow beneath Obama’s twisted Iran strategy. Doran doesn’t tell us that Obama came to the White House determined to govern as the nation’s first minority president, determined to execute a policy that linked the U.S. with the world’s non-white majority, determined to ignore Europe in favor of non-white Asia and Africa, the non-Christian Middle East, and progressive Latin America. Obama wants to align his chunk of America with the world’s true people of color, not with traditional Western allies such as Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

The most powerful anti-Western force in today’s world is Muslim extremism, not China’s proto-capitalism. And Iran, militantly anti-American and anti-Israel, arming Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, Shiite Iraq, conquering Yemen, present in Lebanon and Libya, soon to have the bomb and ICBMs, THAT’s the nation most likely to shift the balance of power against the West.

Iran fascinates Obama.  He sees a rapprochement between Islamic Iran and a multi-cultural U.S. changing the world, and in the process plowing under Israel's influence, damaging today's last outpost of white colonialism in the non-Western world.

Obama does not expect Iran to wipe out Israel any more than he expects Israel to wipe out Iran. As with moving the U.S. internally toward more equal parity between whites and people of color, his foreign policy seeks to rebalance the white and non-white worlds in favor of the latter.

We should be frightened. Iran isn’t interested in “balance of power.” Narcissist Obama vastly over-rates his personal influence over Iran, and over world events in general.

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