Monday, February 09, 2015

Obama on Iran: our "no clothes" emperor.

Quotation without comment.

From Walter Russell Mead, in the American Interest:
The Obama administration will not be able to address rising skepticism about its Iran policy unless and until it can show why it makes sense to think that a stronger Iran will choose alignment with the United States when its own political interests would benefit from a more anti-American posture. . .If the administration has a serious case for how its Iran policy will leave the United States with a stronger and more useful regional alliance network than it now has, that case has not been made. . .
The bits and pieces of the strategy that we know about don’t make sense, and the President and his team don’t seem to understand how weak and vapid the case they make to the public really is. . . the President’s very checkered record as a global strategist makes [any] kind of confidence hard to sustain.

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