Friday, August 05, 2016

Clinton and The Basic Lie

Hillary Clinton lies. But note, progressive government itself is built on a lie. Since Democrats dumped President Lyndon Johnson in 1968, a coup that led to Republican victories in 5 of the next 6 presidential elections, a meritocratic minority has controlled the party’s less educated majority.

But it’s undemocratic for minorities to control majorities. How do progressives get away with it?

Our national elite embrace meritocracy — the superior (alphas) ruling the inferior (deltas). Meritocracy makes sense to those who believe 1) some elite will always rule the people, 2) progress means replacing a fixed elite of inherited wealth and status with an elite continuously renewed through performance, and 3) rewarding performance normally means advancing hard workers with brains.

Here’s the rub. In a democracy, empowering a credentialed minority won’t work, because the voting majority cannot be alphas who pass through elite universities. For the progressives who took over the Democratic Party in 1968 to hold onto power — as they have largely done since Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential election — they must, in effect, fool a majority of the people all the time.

That means lies. Lies covering up how Washington works for insiders. Lies about upward mobility, when the “meritocracy” works as hard as any historical elite to maintain its offspring in elite positions at the expense of those below. Lies about why most minorities don’t make progress. Lies about failure to create jobs, about failure to maintain national security, about any other aspect of poor job performance that is supposedly impossible under “competent meritocracy” rule.

The media are complicit in the lies. Media are part of the insider world. They went to school with the rulers, play up to them, work to protect them. Media elite also want their offspring to do well. Along with the ruling elite, media believe the end justifies the means — the lies — that sustain elite rule in a democracy where sovereignty depends on votes of the less-educated majority.

Hillary Clinton lies because she must.

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