Thursday, August 11, 2016

It’s about Hillary Clinton.

“Clinton will contribute nothing to lift the flatlined aspirations of the eight Obama years. There is also the matter of Clinton mores.”

Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal (paid subscription)  


From Keith Koffler, in the conservative “LifeZette”:
  • In 2014, the last year for which data are available, and after six full years of Obama's stewardship, median household income was $53,657. That's nearly $4,000 lower, in constant 2014 dollars, than it was in 2007, the last year before the recession hit. And it was nearly $1,650 below 2008, the year before Obama took office.

From Andy Puzder, CEO, CKE Restaurants:
  • In July of this year, there were 5.2 million more people employed than in December of 2007 when the recession began. However, the employable population has increased by [20.4] million people—that’s nearly four times the increase in number of people who found jobs. Perhaps more disturbing, just 2.3 million of those who found jobs found full-time jobs. In other words, over half (56%) of the net gain has been in people working lower-paying part-time jobs.
  • These numbers have consequences. A recent Pew Research study found young adults more likely to be living in their parents’ homes than at any time since 1940. According to the Congressional Budget Office, nearly one in six young men is either jobless or incarcerated, up from about one in 10 in 1980, when the economy was in recession.  


From Austin Bay, University of Texas adjunct professor:
  • Hillary. . . “does awful.” She commits a dreadful (and at times criminal) action with calculation and an unrestrained presumption of privilege. Her dreadful action is provable, having witnesses (grieving parents), or, in the case of her national security information crime, a feckless Jim Comey discovering evidence verifying her gross negligence. A month later Hillary lies about Comey’s investigation. Credit [Fox News’] Chris Wallace with confronting her—but Hillary’s reptilian being scarcely blinks. She apparently believes that by October mis- and mal-informed voters will believe Comey exonerated her. Hillary believes Americans are stupid.

From Jonah Goldberg, in the conservative National Review:
  • Hillary Clinton is a known quantity. She’s Nixon in a pantsuit. She’s been a tedious, grating, cynical, corrupt presence in our lives for nearly three decades. Hillary . . . doesn’t know what to make of the public. And even I can muster some sympathy because “getting it” would require understanding something about herself that no person would want to understand. Who wants to accept that after a lifetime of public exposure people have concluded they just don’t like you or trust you?

From conservative John Hart, in “Opportunity Lives”:
  • The problem with Clinton. . . and today’s Democratic Party, is that instead of encouraging civil society they constrict and suffocate civil society. In practice, Clinton’s [“It Takes a Village”] is a dystopian world of minders, regulators and tax collectors. And it’s a place where the rules don’t apply to the rulers.

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