Thursday, August 25, 2016

Clinton Corruption: Latest Facts

We now know that Hillary Clinton set up and shielded her email server from the American public — but not from capable foreign governments — for one purpose: hide the money-making machine she wanted the State Department to become. She agreed to serve Barack Obama as his loyal Secretary of State not only to advance her path to the White House, but also to earn even more money for the Clinton Foundation, which is her amoral husband’s, her family’s, and her large entourage’s principal source of income.

Conservative Ed Morrissey, in The Fiscal Times, has catalogued recently-unearthed evidence of Hillary Clinton’s corruption, especially shocking since she is our presumed next president:
  • An Associated Press review of State Department and Clinton Foundation records shows that more than half of Secretary Clinton’s official State Department meetings or conversations with non-government officials involved Clinton Foundation donors. 
  • Of 154 total outsiders, the at least 85 with Clinton Foundation connections provided $156 million to the Foundation, 40 giving $100,000 or more. Another 16 foreign government representatives donated an additional $170 million. 
  • These donations violated Obama’s Memorandum of Understanding demanded of Clinton before he appointed her to run the State Department. Clinton pledged total transparency and solid firewalls separating State and the Foundation. On transparency, AP had to sue (and wait for years) to get Clinton’s calendars. 
  • Initially rebuffed when requesting an appointment, the Crown Prince of Bahrain forced an e-mail exchange between Foundation executive Doug Band and Clinton aide Huma Abedin that secured the $32 million donor his desired audience with Clinton. 
  • For Bahrain, a country on State’s Human Rights Watch list for the “torture and mistreatment of detainees,” the meeting coincided with Bahrain’s contribution to the Foundation while Clinton ran State. Between 2010 and 2012, arms sales to Bahrain increased by 187% over a similar Bush administration period, and included $70,000 in toxic chemical sales, all as Bahrain was suppressing its own Arab Spring uprising, the kind Obama encouraged elsewhere. 
  • Victor Pinchuk, a Ukrainian steel magnate donated over $8 million to the Clinton Foundation and committed up to $20 million more. Pinchuk used his Foundation connections to meet a “top Clinton aide” at State. As secretary, Clinton hosted a dinner for the Foundation’s donors including Pinchuk, a supporter of the pro-Russian regime that Ukrainians overthrew in late 2013, a move the Obama administration supported.
  • Pinchuk additionally had been selling oil pipeline and railroad equipment to Iran during Clinton’s tenure, in apparent violation of tight sanctions placed on Tehran over Iran’s nuclear-weapons development. 
  • Regarding Pinchuk’s sales, an ex-Bush administration official said, “Congress needs to determine why sanctions were not imposed in this case, and whether pressure was put on lower level State Department officials to overlook this violation.” 
Looking at America's future under Clinton, Morrissey concludes, “When character and integrity no longer matter, Mike Royko’s suggested motto for Chicago of ubi est mea is the only standard that applies: Where’s mine?”

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