Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Poor Voters + High Taxes = Big Government

For the progressive elite’s Big Government (the “Blue Beast”), feeding itself comes first. To keep growing, it must expand its voter base and increase its food supply. That means adding poor voters. That means higher taxes.  

Poor Voters

Did you know the Feds openly protect “undocumented Democrats”?  The conservative Media Research Center has found, at Homeland Security’s website, “Sensitive Locations FAQs” that help illegals reach safety. In English and Spanish (no other languages), the “FAQs” guide undocumented Democrats and their U.S. supporters to any school-related activity even including a school bus stop, any hospital or other medical facility, any place of worship, or to participation in any public demonstration such as a parade or rally, no matter how small.

An illegal bothered at any of these locations may simply call the toll-free number provided. Of course, “sensitive locations” are in addition to the protection over 200 U.S. sanctuary cities provide illegals anywhere within a sanctuary city's boundaries.

Unbelievable. As we know, people living “in the shadows” undercut efforts to employ Americans and legal permanent residents, or to increase their pay.  

High Taxes

In Washington state, a ballot initiative seeks to reduce carbon emissions by eventually taxing them $100 a ton. But to keep the economy growing and also to help poor people hit hard by Washington’s regressively high sales tax, the initiative offsets its carbon tax increase — which raises Washingtonians’ fuel costs by 25 cents a gallon — by cutting the sales tax 1% and giving back even more to Washington’s 400,000 poorest working families. A similar system in neighboring British Columbia has helped reduce carbon emissions there by 16% over eight years.

You would think environmentalists would embrace the “cut carbon emissions” initiative.  In fact, it is unacceptable to the Sierra Club and its coalition of environmental, union and immigrant rights groups. They want the tax increase — it feeds the Big Government they love — not the rebates to ordinary Washingtonians and working poor — who should remain dependent.

Unbelievable. Raise taxes. Keep government growing. Keep dependent poor voting Progressive Democrat Big Sister Nanny State.

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